Sick Water? a finalist in the Digital Magazine Awards 2010

The Rapid Response Assessment report Sick water? The central role of wastewater management in sustainable development is one of 10 finalists in the Digital Magazine Awards 2010 for News & Business Magazine of the Year. The Digital Magazine Awards 2010 are a global awards to showcase the best digital magazines and recognize the most influential people in digital publishing today.

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The winners will be announced on the 27th of October 2010.

Sick water? - Summary

The world is facing a global water quality crisis. Continuing population growth and urbanisation, rapid industralisation, and expanding and intensifying food production are all putting pressure on water resources and increasing the unregulated or illegal discharge of contaminated water within and beyond national borders. This presents a global threat to human health and wellbeing, with both immediate and long term consequences for efforts to reduce poverty whilst sustaining the integrity of some of our most productive ecosystems.

There are many causes driving this crisis, but it is clear that freshwater and coastal ecosystems across the globe, upon which humanity has depended for millennia, are increasingly threatened. It is equally clear that future demands for water cannot be met unless wastewater management is revolutionized.

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Monday 25 Oct 2010