Seal the Deal

During the World Ocean Conference in Manado, Indonesia (May 11-15, 2009), UNEP promoted the UN wide “Seal the Deal” campaign. The campaign aims to galvanize political will and public support towards signing a new UN agreement on climate change, and urges world leaders to act in the best interest of their peoples and the planet by ‘sealing the climate deal. Reaching a deal on climate change in Copenhagen will depend not only on political negotiations but also on public support. To galvanize support globally towards this goal, the world is invited to unite to combat climate change by signing the Climate Petition. In Manado, hundreds of conference participants, including Ministers, officials, journalists and students came together to “seal the deal” on a banner at the UNEP Booth in Manado. Look out for the campaign arriving in Arendal later on this summer!.

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“Serena Fortuna (UNEP ROAP), Emily Corcoran (UNEP/GRID Arendal) and Elaine Baker (UNEP/GRID Arendal) sell the Seal the Deal campaign to delegation leaders at the World Ocean Conference”

Tuesday 02 Jun 2009