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Growing appetite for crocodile meat and eggs puts reptile at risk
Crocodiles were once so abundant along the rim of southern Jamaica that images of their toothy jaws and spiny armour crown the tropical island's coat of arms and are stencilled on the bumpers of military vehicles. These days a growing taste for c ...
08 Oct 2013 |
Marina objectors prepare for fight
Opponents of a 160-berth marina plan for Waiheke Island's most visited bay are trying to raise $175,000 for a battle in the Environment Court by taking $20 donations and selling T-shirts and tickets to a variety concert.
06 Jan 2014 |
Price of bluefin tuna falls at Tokyo auction
Sushi restaurateur Kiyoshi Kimura paid 7.36m yen (£43,000) for a 230kg (507lb) bluefin tuna in the year's celebratory first auction at Tokyo's Tsukiji market on Sunday - just 5% of what he paid a year earlier despite signs that the species is in ...
05 Jan 2014 |
The good, the bad and the ugly (opinion)
The New Zealand coast: it's vast, it's diverse and it's enormously beautiful. It's a place where we unwind, where we renew our spirits and where we become inspired. But not all of our coast is undeveloped and development pressures continue unabat ...
04 Jan 2014 |
Australia protests over shark 'cull'
Thousands of people take to the beaches to protest against plans by the government of Western Australia to kill large sharks off Perth beaches.
04 Jan 2014 |
Mercury scares in Menorca
Oceana has found mercury contamination in samples of monkfish and scorpion fish in the Balearic Island of Menorca, in the Maó area.
03 Jan 2014 |
The fate of the eels
(Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel (GEOMAR)) The European eel is one of the world's many critically endangered species. Comprehensive protection is difficult because many details of the eel's complex life cycle remain unknown. In a multidi ...
26 Dec 2013 |
Christmas in Antarctica's pack ice
BBC radio producer Andrew Luck-Baker reports from on board the Shokalskiy, a Russian research vessel that spent Christmas Day stuck fast in the pack ice off East Antarctica.
26 Dec 2013 |
Stop the Trash
We once believed that the ocean was too big to fail, that we could take out as much fish, and dump in as much trash, debris and pollution as we wished. Now, we know we were wrong.  And, not only were we wrong, we need to make it right. One good p ...
24 Dec 2013 |
Focus on Ocean's Health as Dolphin Deaths Soar
The resurgence of a marine mammal virus on the Eastern Seaboard and ?unusual mortality events? in the Gulf region have puzzled scientists.
23 Dec 2013 |
Australian sustainable fish and seafood guide: what should you eat? - interactive
For a delicious and sustainable meal, use our traffic-light guide to check which fish and seafood you should be cooking - and which you shouldn't
23 Dec 2013 |
Melt water reservoir lurks under ice
A new reservoir of melted water lurking below the Greenland ice sheet may have big implications for sea level rise.
22 Dec 2013 |
New shellfish nursery laws in force
Dozens of shellfish nurseries in Scotland will be protected under new legislation that has come into force.
22 Dec 2013 |
Australian plane to monitor whaling
Australia is to send a surveillance plane to the Southern Ocean in a bid to stop conflict between Japanese whaling vessels and environmentalists.
22 Dec 2013 |
Australia to monitor Japan's Antarctica whale hunt by plane, not ship
Environment minister Greg Hunt says the most effective way to make sure 'all parties' abide by the law of the sea is from the air.
22 Dec 2013 |
Drilling checks are box-ticking, say lobby group
Environmental groups say a court ruling confirms the approval system for oil and gas drilling waters is a box-ticking exercise, and draft regulations will further reduce public scrutiny. The High Court has rejected Greenpeace's challenge to the E ...
21 Dec 2013 |
Mountain of rubbish 'eye-opener', say clean-up volunteers
A major clean-up that collected the equivalent loads of 12 rubbish trucks from around New Zealand has left its organisers horrified at the amount of waste polluting our waterways and shorelines.
21 Dec 2013 |
Akaroa Harbour set to become a marine reserve
Canterbury's popular tourist spot Akaroa Harbour is set to become a marine reserve to recognise the marine environment as the "new frontier for conservation".Conservation Minister Dr Nick Smith announced today the new marine reserve...
20 Dec 2013 |
Mediterranean policy-makers commit to protect marine and coastal environment and sustainable develop...
Ministers and Heads of Delegations from 21 Mediterranean Countries Contracting Parties to the Barcelona Convention, and the European Commission committed to take all the necessary measures to make the Mediterranean a clean, healthy and productive ...
20 Dec 2013 |
NOAA, Arctic Council Release 2013 Arctic Report Card
12 December 2013: The US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), with the support of two working groups of the Arctic Council, has released the 2013 update to the Arctic Report Card. The Report Card has been published since 2006 a ...
20 Dec 2013 |
NFI assesses Indonesian sustainability
The National Fisheries Institute's (NFI) Crab Council is teaming up with the global collaborative known as 5in10 to look at the economic impact of sustainability initiatives.
20 Dec 2013 |