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Title (Name of event - max 250 characters)Side Event at CBD COP 11: Coastal development in India: Impacts on biodiversity and livelihoods
Start dateWednesday 10 Oct 2012
End dateWednesday 10 Oct 2012
Location - (max 50 characters)Hall III - Ground level

Coastal environments play a vital role in India's economy by virtue of the resources, productive
habitats and rich biodiversity all of which support millions of livelihoods. Aggressive and insensitive
development is turning 7500 km of India's beautiful coastline, which supports almost 30% of its
population into biological and economic wastelands with wide economic, social, cultural and
ecological repercussions.

The event is organised by PondyCAN, BNHS, TISS and NCPC, and will include the launch of the report "The Challenged Coast of India" and a panel discussion.

Time: 18.15-19.45