Events overview

Title (Name of event - max 250 characters)Arctic Frontiers 2013 – Geopolitics & Marine Production in a Changing Arctic
Start dateSunday 20 Jan 2013
End dateFriday 25 Jan 2013
Location - (max 50 characters)Tromsø, Norway

Arctic Frontiers 2013 will be held at the University of Tromsø, Norway from Sunday 20 to Friday 25 January 2013.  The theme of the conference is 'Geopolitics and Marine Production  in a Changing Arctic'.

As with previous years the policy section will run for the first two days (Monday 21 and Tuesday 22 January 2013) followed by three days of science (Wednesday 23 January to Friday 25 January).  The science section will have three parts:

  • Geopolitics in a Changing Arctic
  • Marine harvesting in the Arctic
  • Arctic Marine Productivity

Further information can be found here.