Events overview

Title (Name of event - max 250 characters)CLIMATE 2012
Start dateMonday 05 Nov 2012
End dateFriday 09 Nov 2012
Location - (max 50 characters)Online

The 5th on-line climate conference CLIMATE 2012 / KLIMA 2012 draws from the success of the previous yearly on-line events (CLIMATE 2008-2011). It fills in a thematic gap and discusses emerging issues related to climate variation, climate change and climate smart technologies, with a special focus on ACP countries, especially SIDS, which are particularly vulnerable. 

CLIMATE 2012/KLIMA 2012 comprises the combination of a scientific online symposium per se - for information exchange and knowledge transfer among the relevant stakeholders on the one hand - and accompanying interactive virtual sections, participating researchers, policy-makers and further interested people, encouraging them to jointly discuss ways on how to overcome existing barriers towards global efforts in dealing with climate change.

Further information can be found here.