University of the Sea


Diary entries from past cruises are available here for download as pdf files.

PDF format 2009: Australia’s southwest margin

PDF format 2008: Australia’s southwest margin (93kb)

PDF format 2007: Lord Howe region (1.8mb)

PDF format 2006: Lord Howe Region

PDF format 2005 : Gulf of Papua, New Guinea (8.5mb)

Comments from past students

The University of the Sea program provided me and twenty other students the opportunity of a lifetime to see the theory work from our university lectures put into practice. What we were lucky enough to learn on a research vessel is something that I believe can only be fully understood and appreciated through a program like this.
Matthew Dryburgh, The University of Sydney

The University of the Sea has given me a priceless practical learning experience in marine science research. Not only was it an amazing opportunity to develop skills in deep sea research, something that is very difficult to do within a normal classroom, but I was also able to meet and develop contacts with other marine science students and researchers from a range of disciplines and countries. Fantastic!
Felicia Weir, The University of Sydney

I can not believe I am travelling to many different places in just three weeks. Not only just travelling, but I gained many things that broaden my knowledge both in marine science and multi-cultural things. This is really a great experience in my lifetime. There are difference among us but we are united by the sea. We have borderless nations in RV Marion Dufresne.
Utami Retno Kadarwati, Research Center for Maritime Territories and Non-Living Resources, Indonesia

We laughed together, learnt together and explored a whole new world. We grew as scientists, as peers and as friends. We made new and unforgettable memories and this experience will, in all certainty, prove a motivating force in our diverse pursuits of the future.
Melanie Lewis, University of Technology Sydney

Being a marine biologist from a small island nation, I never thought of being onboard a well-equipped oceanographic research vessel like this and take a marine geology course participating all deepwater oceanographic research activities. It was awesome!! I frankly think that this is one of my rare fortune experience in my life and one should be really really fortunate to be in a program like University of the Sea and I was one of them.
P. B. Terney Pradeep Kumara, University of Ruhuna, Sri Lanka

The University of the Sea has been so much more than I could ever have imagined. I have enjoyed most of all the opportunity to forge long-lasting working relationships and friendships that I can take with me in my marine science career.
Emily Twiggs, Curtin University of Technology, Perth

The opportunity to participate aboard this cruise has been a tremendous experience and a huge step forward towards my professional career as a scientist. I have come away from the cruise appreciating that science is global and that language or culture is no barrier.
Lilian Weiland, University of Auckland, New Zealand

Everyday I had the opportunity to acquire new lessons not just from the lectures and scientists on board but also from fellow students who have join with me in this research cruise from different parts of the world with entirely different backgrounds. It has been an eye opener to be part of the cruise. Not only learning the modern oceanographic equipments but also learning in a group, working on specified shifts which determines punctuality, attending onboard lectures, sharing different view points, inquiring and recommending results that have been obtained.
Denise Chand, University of the South Pacific, Fiji

The University of the Sea cruise far exceeded all my expectations and I would highly recommend it. Not only did the cruise expose us to life at sea, but also to a vast number of cultures and a tremendous amount of practical and theoretical marine geoscience. It was an honour to have the opportunity to work with scientists of such esteem.
Mirella Verhoeven, University of Technology, Sydney