University of the Sea


The application form for the next cruise will be posted here when details are finalized.

The Programme:

  • Students will conduct research under the guidance of scientists from of the University of the Sea;
  • The research programme changes from year to year. However it will involve multidisciplinary marine science that generally includes aspects of geology, biology and oceanography;
  • Students will be fully involved in all aspects of the research during the cruise;
  • In the past, the research cruises have varied from a minimum of 20 days to a maximum of 34 days.


  • The University of the Sea will endeavour to pay most costs associated with transport to and from the ship and accommodation while in transit. Accommodation and living expenses during the cruise will also be covered;
  • Passports, visas, medical examinations, travel insurance and incidental charges are the responsibility of individual applicants.


  • Students must be currently enrolled at university to be eligible (at present preference is given to students enrolled at a university in the Asia Pacific region);
  • Students should be studying at Honours or Postgraduate level;
  • Students from all universities, not just the partnership institutions, are invited to apply;
  • The programme is multidisciplinary, covering aspects of marine geology, oceanography and biology so students should have a background in at least one of these areas.

Other Requirements:

  • Short listed applicants will are required to undergo a medical examination prior to final selection of participants;
  • Applicants must provide full details of their own insurance when selected for the cruise;
  • Applicants must organise their own passports and any necessary visas;
  • Passports must have a minimum of 12 months before expiry from the commencement of the cruise.