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Pacific Marine Planning Decision Support Tool

This planning tool will bring together, under a consolidated standard based framework, information necessary for undertaking comprehensive marine planning in the Pacific region.

Current and accurate information about the limits of maritime jurisdictions, living and non-living marine resources and the environment, underpins the sustainable management of the marine space of Pacific Island Nations. Historically this information has been managed on a sectoral basis. Policy makers have been forced to seek information from a multitude of sources and this information has often been of variable quality.

The Pacific Marine Planning Decision Support Tool will build upon the extensive marine data holdings and regional engagement provided by the Applied GeoScience and Technology Division (SOPAC) of the Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC).  Fundamental to the delivery of this activity will be the inclusion of the best elements of established frameworks in Australian, US and European counterpart systems. The development and implementation of the planning tool is being undertaken by the Pacific Maritime Boundaries team – GRID Arendal, SOPAC/SPC, Geoscience Australia and the University of Sydney and builds on the boundary delimitation work of the last 5 years. The project is funded by AUSAID and will be completed by June 2014.

Contact person: Elaine Baker.