Projects & Activities


GRID-Arendal is contributing to the European Commission’s European Marine Observation and Data Network (EMODnet) to improve access to high quality marine data for private bodies, public authorities and researchers.

The third phase of the EMODnet Hydrography project brings together 24 partner organisations from throughout Europe. In this third phase of the project GRID-Arendal will be coordinating the production of a high resolution digital terrain model (DTM) for the Norwegian Sea.

GRID-Arendal will work with data partners from countries bordering the Norwegian Sea to collate the existing bathymetric information, standardised metadata, and produce a high resolution DTM. The finished product will have application for maritime management, marine research and industry. Together with the high resolution DTMs for other European waters the new Norwegian Sea DTM will be available from the EMODnet Hydrography Portal.

Previously, GRID-Arendal has contributed to the identification of data from Lebanon, Israel, Turkey and North Africa (2011), and provided data mining and networking support to a number of non-EU developing states in 2012.

Contact person: Miles Macmillan-Lawler.