Development Alternatives Knowledgebase

The Knowledgebase for Energy Efficiency and Decentralized Renewable Energy in India


is a project under the umbrella of MAIN - the Mitigation and Adaptation Information Network for Sustainable Communities. The knowledge-base has been developed by Development Alternatives (DA) in India, with support from GRID – Arendal. The goal for the knowledgebase is to build knowledge in the area of decentralized renewable energy by creating a learning platform for the implementation of projects that capitalize upon local skills and resources, with women in key operational roles. The knowledge base features: 

  • 5 case-studies of implementation of renewable energy solutions in rural India; 
  • Information and contacts related to implementation of CDM project, and;
  • A ‘Decision Support System (DSS) to facilitate the process of decision making for introducing renewable energy solutions in local communities by breaking down a complex problem into simple components.’ The DSS is an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) based tool and will provide need based information on technical, social, financial and environmental aspects of DRE technology options to help decision makers in taking informed decisions.

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