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Population Increase Effects on the Environment
As the population in some parts of the world increases, so does the use of inefficient fuels for cooking and lighting. This creates household air pollution that threatens the lives and health of millions. It also contrib...
27 Aug 2015 - by GRID-Arendal
PM2.5 Emissions from Energy Production, Manufacturing and Fuel Production, 2005
Small particles contribute to ambient air pollution (smog). The biggest contributor to PM2.5 emissions in areas like North America, Europe and China is the burning of coal.
27 Aug 2015 - by GRID-Arendal
Smog over Southeast Asia in 1997
In 1997 alone haze caused by air pollutants from fire spread for more than 3,200 kilometers, covering six Southeast Asian countries. In the Malaysian state of Sarawak, air pollution reached one the highest recorded indic...
29 Nov 2007 - by Philippe Rekacewicz, UNEP/GRID-Arendal
Climate impacts and tropical diseases in Colombia
Shows comparative trend between air temperature in Colombia and levels of malaria and dengue fever. When temperatures increase, especially in combination with more precipitation, vector borne diseases like malaria and d...
17 May 2005 - by GRID-Arendal