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Woodfuel and energy consumption Woodfuel and energy consumption
Biomass, primarily woodfuel, is the major source of energy in Sub-Saharan Africa, with the exception of South Africa. Over 90% of the total energy consumption is biomass in Ethiopia, DPR Congo and Tanzania. Projections estimate that this will further increase, together with population increase and higher energy needs. In total energy consumption, populous countries, such as Nigeria, South Africa and Egypt have the highest totals.
02 Nov 2006 - by Hugo Ahlenius, UNEP/GRID-Arendal
Counting women’s labor Counting women’s labor
Besides housekeeping and child rearing, women and girls are usually responsible for fetching water and fuel wood. Women and girls tend to perform tasks such as planting, transplanting, hand weeding, harvesting, picking fruit and vegetables, small livestock rearing, and post-harvest operations such as threshing, seed selection, and storage, while mechanized work (preparing the land, irrigation, mechanical harvesting, and marketing) is generally a ...
03 Jan 2008 - by Ketill Berger