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Climate scenarios for cereal production
The figure shows change in cereals production under three different GCM equilibrium scenarios (percent from base estimated in 2060). While there are still uncertainties about whether climate change will cause global agri...
17 May 2005 - by Philippe Rekacewicz, UNEP/GRID-Arendal
IPCC and UNFCCC - Institutional framework
In 1988, UNEP and WMO jointly established the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) as concern over changes in the climate became a political issue. The purpose of the IPCC was to assess the state of knowledge...
17 May 2005 - by Philippe Rekacewicz, UNEP/GRID-Arendal
Contribution of forest to GDP, and ratio of forest exports out of total exports, for selected countries
Forestry provides more than 8% of the GDP in some of the poorest countries. In most of the developing country production is consumed domestically, but for some countries forestry contributes significantly to total export...
02 Nov 2006 - by Hugo Ahlenius, UNEP/GRID-Arendal
Agricultural liberalization: Developing country winners and losers under Doha Scenario for agriculture (scenario 1)
Under various new scenarios for world agricultural trade and development many of the world's regions will be negatively affected. Under the Doha Scenario China would fair the worst with many developing nations running in...
03 Jan 2008 - by IAASTD/Ketill Berger, UNEP/GRID-Arendal
Areas of physical and economic water scarcity
Under current water use practices, increases in population and changes in diet are projected to increase water consumption in food and fiber production by 70-90%. If demands for biomass energy increase, this may aggravat...
03 Jan 2008 - by Unknown