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Cryosphere: Zoom in on the Arctic Cryosphere: Zoom in on the Arctic
The Arctic is currently warming two to three times faster than the global average and is expected to warm more than any other region on Earth. SLCPs contribute to increased melting in the Arctic, and BC deposited on snow and ice amplifies warming and exacerbates melting.
19 Jun 2014 - by GRID-Arendal
Marine mammals in the Arctic Marine mammals in the Arctic
Seven species of marine mammals live in the Arctic year-round – the bowhead whale, beluga whale, narwhal, ringed seal, beaded seal, walrus, and polar bear - and many more migrate to the Arctic seasonally. Many marine mammals aggregate in specific areas across the Arctic, for example to feed, or for whelping, pupping or moulting. A common feature of marine mammals in the Arctic is that they are associated with sea ice, although the ecological rela...
13 Oct 2010 - by Riccardo Pravettoni, UNEP/GRID-Arendal
Ecosystems in Northwest Russia Ecosystems in Northwest Russia
The map shows the range of fourteen different ecosystem types across Russia. The Barents region is in the Arctic and covers the area of Western Russia and the northern areas of Finland, Sweden and Norway. (Please note that the The Barents Euro-Arctic Council has expanded the membership since 1998)
04 Oct 2005 - by Philippe Rekacewicz, UNEP/GRID-Arendal