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Threatened Species in the Zambezi River Basin countries

Year: 2013 Author: GRID-Arendal
Despite the abundance of wildlife resources in the basin, there are pressures that threaten the existence of this resource. Species that have become extinct in the basin in recent times include the blue wildebeest in Malawi, the Tsetsebe in Mozambique, and the Kob in Tanzania (SADC and SARDC 2008). Others face a high risk of extinction, and the number of threatened species across the basin continues to rise. The White (Grass) rhinocerous, Black (Browse) rhinoceros, and the Black Wildebeest are critically close to disappearing altogether, even though decisive conservation action is allowing some populations to revive (SADC and SARDC 2008). The Wattled Crane is endangered in the basin partly due to controlled flooding in the Kafue Flats which has reduced its nesting sites. The population of the lechwe (Kobus lechwe kafuenis) has also fallen in the Kafue due to alteration of their marshy habitat (SADC and SARDC 2008).
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