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The DPSIR Framework

Year: 2005
From collection: General archive
Author: Philippe Rekacewicz, UNEP/GRID-Arendal
DPSIR is a general framework for organising information and reporting about state of the environment covering Driving forces, Pressures, State of the environment, Impacts and Responses. The idea of the framework was however originally derived from social studies and only then widely applied internationally, in particular for organising systems of indicators in the context of environment and, later, sustainable development.
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Tourism in the Antarctic
Coastal Arctic food web (drift ice)
Gross product per person 1950-1994
Antarctic Specially Protected Areas
Deforestation in the Amazon region
Deforestation in Rondonia (Brazil) in the nineties
Emissions of CO2 per capita 1990 (selected countries)
Contribution of fish to human diet