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Sea level rise in Anzali Lagoon, Iran

Year: 2013 Author: GRID-Arendal
About 77,800 hectares are currently flooded in Iran as a result of sea level rise. Infrastructure is under threat. For example, the power station in Neka region has already been damaged. The rise in sea level has increased the hydrostatic pressure on the underground walls of the power station, and there is great concern that a storm surge may eventually flood the power station itself. The recent flood in Neka caused damage amounting to US$26.5 million (UNOCHAROMENACA). The Anzali lagoon and Anzali Port city project has revealed a potential threat of a 1.2 m sea level rise to the project site, not only threatening an internationally important habitat, but also posing a threat to residential houses and port infrastructure (CEP 2007a).
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