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Impact of toxic metals

The toxic substances found in toys in the study can cause a variety of harmful consequences. Lead is a neurotoxin with no safe level of exposure. Even small amounts in children can give rise to learning difficulties, attention deficit disorder, trouble with coordination, anemia, as well as visual, spatial and speech problems. Mercury damages the kidneys and can inflict damage on the nervous, cardiovascular, respiratory, gastrointestinal, hematologic, immune and reproductive systems. A child’s nervous system in the early stages of development is particularly prone to damage from mercury: exposure can lead to a loss of IQ, abnormal muscle tone and a loss of motor function. Exposure to arsenic is associated with cancer, skin lesions, high blood pressure and, in children, is correlated with lower IQ and neurological dysfunction. Antimony is carcinogenic and can cause fertility problems.
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Origin of the toys
Movement of the toys
Percentage of analysed toys that exceeded the Russian regulatory limit for toxic metal content in soil
Concentrations of heavy metals in children's toys
Metal contamination in analysed toys
Items not regulated
World Toys Market and Population and GDP in 2010