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Green jobs

Year: 2012 Author: Nieves Lopez Izquierdo
If properly planned and managed, biofuels can contribute to a number of policy objectives which support the development of the green economy. For example, because agriculture is labour-intensive, job opportunities can be found throughout the biofuel value chain, particularly where conversion from feedstock to biofuel occurs close to where the feedstock is produced. The additional income from new jobs is likely to have a multiplier effect when spent locally, which can further encourage development. Higher quality energy from biofuels can reduce the time needed to collect water and firewood, which means that many women and children have more time for study and other productive tasks. Job growth and creation is a primer for the green economy where each renewable energy technology needs different labour and skills. Jobs in the bioenergy sector are projected to make the greatest contribution to employment compared to all the other renewable energy sectors. However, the factors that increase or decrease this potential include the level of mechanisation, agricultural business models, and available human capacity.
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