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Additional people at risk of hunger in 2020

Year: 2012 Author: Nieves Lopez Izquierdo
Biofuels have been criticised for causing food insecurity, but many other factors often play a far more significant role than biofuels. But rapid, largescale growth in biofuel production without sufficient safeguards does pose a risk for food security. This risk needs to be seen in the context of population growth, changing diets, slowing crop-yield improvements,and climate-change impacts on agriculture. While much has been said about the risks, little has been said about the opportunities which biofuels can bring to food security with appropriate policies and industrial commitments. Biofuels can increase food security when the necessary investment and technology improves overall agricultural productivity and subsequently food availability. While higher food prices may reduce its accessibility, biofuels can improve local economies and hence improve the ability to purchase food.
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