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Vital Water Graphics 2Vital Water Graphics 2
The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) has been at the forefront of assessing and monitoring global water resources and presenting information on their use and management for 30 years. UNEP has compiled this report in order to provide an easily accessible resource on the state of the world's waters. The goal of this publication is to produce a clear overview, through a set of graphics, maps and other illustrations, of the state of the world's fresh and marine waters. It also illustrates the causes, effects, trends and threats facing our water sources, with examples of areas of major concern and future scenarios for the use and management of fresh, coastal and marine waters.
Available online at: http://www.grida.no/publications/vg/water2/
Total population: access to an improved water source Total population: access to an improved water source
The 2004 global image sadly shows that the lack of access to clean water remains a burden for the poorest countries, preventing them accelerating their development. Essentially handicapping most sub-Saharan African countries, the map shows some curious trends, such as Romania, which remains far behind all other European countries.
26 Jan 2009 - by Phillippe Rekacewicz, February 2006
Marine species diversity Marine species diversity
Limited information is available on species diversity and the condition of coastal and marine ecosystems (Burke et al., 2001). There is growing evidence that many marine species are less widely distributed, and therefore more vulnerable to extinction, than previously thought (GESAMP, 2001a). The protection and sustainable use of marine resources and biodiversity are governed by several international conventions, including the Convention on Biolog...
26 Jan 2009 - by World Resource Institute (WRI), Washington Dc, 1998, based on data from UNEP-WCMC.
Impact of sea level rise on the Nile delta Impact of sea level rise on the Nile delta
Impact of sea level rise on the Nile delta. Sea level elevation model used to produce impact of nile delta sea level rise.
26 Jan 2009 - by Phillipe Rekacewicz, Otto Simonett - February 2008
Lake Chad: almost gone Lake Chad: almost gone
Straddling the borders of Chad, Niger and Cameroon in West Africa, Lake Chad has been a source of freshwater for irrigation projects in each of these countries. Maps drawn from a series of satellite images show a dramatic decrease in the size of the lake over the past 30 years. Since 1963, the lake has shrunk to nearly a twentieth of its original size, due both to climatic changes and to high demands for agricultural water. Since 1963, the surfac...
06 Nov 2009 - by Philippe Rekacewicz (Le Monde diplomatique), February 2006
Global waterstress and scarcity Global waterstress and scarcity
Water scarcity occurs when the amount of water withdrawn from lakes, rivers or groundwater is so great that water supplies are no longer adequate to satisfy all human or ecosystem requirements, resulting in increased competition between water users and other demands.
26 Jan 2009 - by Philippe Rekacewicz (Le Monde diplomatique), February 2006
Runoff-Typewriter Runoff-Typewriter
Graphics captions water run off annually water per continent. Run off is scaled km cubed per year.
26 Jan 2009 - by Phillipe Rekacewicz, February 2008
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