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GIS datasets collection

Main GIS collection
GIS data sets consist of georeferenced (geo) graphical features which are linked to an attribute database that describes features or polygons on the map. These datasets are produced using ARC/INFO (for both PC and Unix), ARC/VIEW and IDRISI software.

Special collections

Baltic Sea Region GIS, Maps and Statistical Database
This Baltic Sea Region GIS, map and statistical database is a result of the Baltic Drainage Basin Project (BDBP). The BDBP was a multi-disciplinary research project under the EU 1991-1994 Environment Research Programme. This database was developed as joint effort between the Beijer Institute, Stockholm, Department of Systems Ecology, Stockholm University and UNEP/GRID-Arendal.

Nordic / Baltic extractions.
A series of environmental and basic cartographic georeferenced data sets prepared by GRID-Arendal that cover the Nordic countries (except Iceland) and the Baltic Sea region.

The IPA circum-Arctic permafrost map
The International Permafrost Association's compilation of a circum-Arctic permafrost and ground ice map.

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