The Abu Dhabi Blue Carbon Demonstration Project - page 10

Dr. Peter Lutz Prokosch
Managing Director
GRID-Arendal, Norway
Since the publication of the landmark UNEP report,
Blue Carbon - The Role of Healthy Oceans in
Binding Carbon
, the Blue Carbon concept has gained considerable attention amongst marine and coastal
conservation practitioners and policy-makers the world over.
Putting the vital services and functions of healthy coastal ecosystems and the associated benefits
derived by people at the centre of management actions is of particular relevance for developing
countries, where healthy nature is not only the wealth of the poor. Through a Blue Carbon
approach inclusive of benefits such as the provision of food and material, the recognition of
spiritual and cultural values, access to sustainable livelihoods and the protection from extreme
weather events, we work with coastal communities to protect an environment that lies at the
root of meeting their daily needs.
Working with AGEDI on the Abu Dhabi Blue Carbon Demonstration Project was an inspiring
opportunity to develop cutting edge science and expertise to further serve local, regional and
international efforts for the conservation of Blue Carbon ecosystems. Through our interactions
with the global Blue Carbon community, and through the GEF Blue Forests Project in particular,
GRID-Arendal will continue to make the findings and experiences of this success story available to
support the wide application of the Blue Carbon concept for the benefit of the people, from coastal
communities to our global society.
Project Team
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