Climate Change 2001:
Working Group II: Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability
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6. Coastal Zones and Marine Ecosystems


Executive Summary

6.1. Introduction and Scope

6.2. State of Knowledge

6.3 Marine Ecosystems

6.3.1. Habitat
6.3.2. Biological Processes
6.3.3. Marine Carbon Dioxide Uptake
6.3.4. Marine Fish
6.3.5. Aquaculture
6.3.6. Ocean Ranching
6.3.7. Marine Mammals and Seabirds
6.3.8. Diseases and Toxicity

6.4. Coastal Systems

6.4.1. General Considerations
6.4.2. Beaches, Barriers, and Cliff Coasts
6.4.3. Deltaic Coasts
6.4.4. Coastal Wetlands
6.4.5. Tropical Reef Coasts
6.4.6. High-Latitude Coasts

6.5. Socioeconomic Impacts of Climate Change

6.5.1. Socioeconomic Impacts as Part of Vulnerability Assessment
6.5.2. Economic Costs of Sea-Level Rise
6.5.3. Impacts on Coastal Infrastructure
6.5.4. Socioeconomic Impacts and Natural Systems
6.5.5. Social and Cultural Impacts

6.6. Adaptation

6.6.1. Evolution of Coastal Adaptation Options
6.6.2. Resilience and Vulnerability
6.6.3. Adaptation in the Coastal Zone
6.6.4. Adaptation in Marine Ecosystems

6.7. Synthesis and Integration



Lead Authors:
V. Burkett (USA), J.O. Codignotto (Argentina), D.L. Forbes (Canada), N. Mimura (Japan), R.J. Beamish (Canada), V. Ittekkot (Germany)

Review Editors:
L. Bijlsma (The Netherlands) and I. Sanchez-Arevalo (Spain)

Other reports in this collection