Methodological and Technological issues in Technology Transfer Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

Footnotes for Residential, Commercial, and Institutional Buildings Sector

1. Relevant cases from the Cases Studies Section, Chapter 16, for Chapter 7 are: Cookstoves (Case 1), Green Lights (Case 2), Inner Mongolia Wind (Case 3), PV in Kenya (Case 5), Butane in Senegal (Case 7), Ladakh renewables (Case 14), CFC-free refrigerators in Thailand (Case 23).

2. See also Chapter 4 on the role of governments in creating enabling environments for technology transfer.

3. See also Chapter 5 on the role of private sector finance, investment and public-private partnerships in the technology transfer process.

4. This (rounded-off) figure is based on the exchange rate from November 1999.

5. See also section on the role of participatory approaches and community groups in the technology transfer process.