Methodological and Technological issues in Technology Transfer

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2.1 Introduction

In decision 4/CP.4 Parties to the UNFCCC raised several questions (see Box 1.1 in Chapter 1) pertaining to the amount of technology being transferred that is consistent with Convention objectives, namely:

- Can specific technology transfer goals be set?
- Can we develop conditions and accounting systems to track progress on technology transfer? and
- Are particular institutional arrangements needed to monitor progress?

This chapter examines broad trends in technology transfer relevant to these questions. It looks at resource flows related in part to international technology transfer efforts or initiatives, and is best seen as setting the context for the remaining chapters in the Report. Knowing something about levels of different technology transfer efforts and how they have been changing, both in absolute magnitude and relative to one another, is important to any discussion about what approaches might be more effective in meeting the challenges of global climate change.

Other reports in this collection