The Regional Impacts of Climate Change

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Research Needs

The gaps and deficiencies revealed in this special report suggest some priority areas for further work to help policymakers in their difficult task.

These needs include:


Robert T. Watson (USA), Marufu C. Zinyowera (Zimbabwe), Richard H. Moss (USA), Reid E. Basher (New Zealand), Martin Beniston (Switzerland), Osvaldo F. Canziani (Argentina), Sandra M. Diaz (Argentina), David J. Dokken (USA), John T. Everett (USA), B. Blair Fitzharris (New Zealand), Habiba Gitay (Australia), Bubu P. Jallow (The Gambia), Murari Lal (India), R. Shakespeare Maya (Zimbabwe), Roger F. McLean (Australia), M.Q. Mirza (Bangladesh), Ron Neilson (USA), Ian R. Noble (Australia), Leonard A. Nurse (Barbados), H.W.O. Okoth-Ogendo (Kenya), A. Barrie Pittock (Australia), David S. Shriner (USA), S.K. Sinha (India), Roger B. Street (Canada), Su Jilan (China), Avelino G. Suarez (Cuba), Richard S.J. Tol (The Netherlands), Laura Van Wie McGrory (USA), Masatoshi Yoshino (Japan)

Other reports in this collection