Aviation and the Global Atmosphere

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Figure 3-6: Changes in carbon stock during the first commitment period for each of the nine simulated cases of human activities for aboveground (top), dead organic matter including soil (middle), and total ecosystem (bottom) carbon. "Actual" illustrates simulated carbon stock change in the landscape. The other bars represent carbon stock change reported for various definitional scenarios: FAO, Forest Change [includes all scenarios requiring a forest/non-forest conversion (i.e., IPCC, Land Use, Flexible, and Biome), Land Cover, and Degradation/Aggradation (Deg/Agg). Missing bars indicate that no ARD land was created. FAO opt 1 and 2 are the land-based accounting approaches I and II, respectively, described in the text. The results for an activity-based accounting approach used for the FAO scenario are similar to the results reported for FAO opt 2, but reporting only the changes in aboveground biomass.

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