Land Use, Land-Use Change and Forestry

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In deforestation, an extra component is needed. Not only are estimates of below-ground biomass at the time of deforestation and any replacement vegetation needed, so are estimates of the decomposition rates of remaining roots (see Chapter 2, Table 2-3). The Guidelines contain principles for a general approach to the problem. The approach used for estimating soil carbon is related to typical changes in organic matter content per area and averaged over the time (20 years) during which the changes occur. The Reference Manual (IPCC, 1997, Vol. 3, p. 5.23, footnote 15) focuses on the conversion of tropical forests to pasture and cropland because this conversion accounts for the largest share of emissions from forest clearing at the global level.

Under the Kyoto Protocol, all forest-clearing activities could be accounted for. Improvements to the Guidelines, however, might include the following, although they may be difficult to implement because of lack of data:

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