IPCC Special Report on Emissions Scenarios

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Technical Summary

1. Introduction and background

2. Emissions Scenarios and Their Purposes

3. Review of Past IPCC Emissions Scenarios

4. SRES Writing Team, Approach, and Process

5. Scenario Literature Review and Analysis

6. Narrative Scenarios and Storylines

7. Quantitative Scenarios and Modeling Approaches

8. Main Scenario Driving Forces Based on the Literature
     8.1. Population Projections
     8.2. Economic Development
     8.3. Structural and Technological Change

9. Greenhouse Gases and Sulfur Emissions
     9.1. Carbon Dioxide Emissions
     9.2. Other Greenhouse Gases
     9.3. Sulfur Dioxide Emissions
     9.4. Other Chemically Active Gases
     9.5. Emissions Overview

10. Summary, Conclusions, and Recommendations


Other reports in this collection