Land Cover & Population Statistics
Baltic Sea Region GIS, Maps and Statistical Database

A number of tables provide statistics on the distribution of population (classified into Metropolitan, Small City/Town, Rural and Urban) and land cover (classified into Forest, Arable land, Pasture land, Non-productive open land, Urban area, Inland water and Glaciers). The statistics are taken from:

Sweitzer, J., Langaas, S., and Folke, C. 1996. Land Cover and Population Density in the Baltic Sea Drainage Basin: A GIS Database. Ambio Vol. 25 (3): 191 - 198.

The statistics include actual figures and percentages on population and land cover for the areas draining to the Bothnian Bay, Bothnian Sea, Gulf of Finland, Gulf of Riga, Baltic Proper, Danish Straits, and Kattegat, respectively, as well as for the entire Baltic Sea. Furthermore, the national composits of land cover and population in the Baltic Sea Drainage Basin, as belonging to the various major sub-basins is given; land cover and population as a function of distance from the coast is also provided.

The tables are available and viewable as formatted text:

or, alternatively, can be downloaded in Excel 4.0 and CSV (text) formats. The tables are PKZIP'ped.

More detailed statistics for each of the administrative units (around 1,200) and watershed units (around 80) are incorporated as attribute data in the GIS data files.

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