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Thor-Jürgen Greve Løberg

Senior Advisor Result and Risk Management
Phone: +47 92 82 37 45
Email: tloberg@grida.no

Key qualifications: Development practitioner with nearly 20 years international experience in policy and program development, project planning and management, M&E, strategic partnerships, development finance, macroeconomic analysis, economic governance, and aid effectiveness. Aid effectiveness • Donor co-ordination, assessment of institutional capacity of recipients, evaluation of donor projects, development of aid strategies, and establishment of M&E frameworks. Project planning and management • Extensive experience in project identification, appraisal, and implementation in collaboration with country authorities, civil society, and development partners across economic and social infrastructure. • Proficient in monitoring and evaluation tools & techniques (member of award-winning World Bank M&E team), and risk assessment / management. • Expertise in multilateral development finance and equity investments, portfolio management, multi-sectoral operations, aid harmonisation, and high-level loan negotiation. Macroeconomic analysis • Experienced in macroeconomic research / analysis and public financial management. Specialisation in public debt management, debt sustainability analysis, country-level policy and institutional assessment, and the development and dissemination of analytical tools with operational application. Strategic partnerships • Identifying and pursuing strategic partnerships with clear development goals that provide greatest value and sustainable impact, and establishing programmatic multi-donor financial vehicles to support them. • Skilled in resource mobilization, stakeholder relations, knowledge dissemination, and outreach. Managerial and organizational skills • Proven track record in managing multi-disciplinary teams to deliver complex products of high value, through clear accountability and results frameworks, and an empowering work environment. • Strong interpersonal, diplomatic, and communications skills for building and maintaining collaborative relationships with colleagues, country authorities, partners, and stakeholders. Education: 1997 MSc Management and Implementation of Development Projects (MIDP), University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (UMIST), Manchester, England 1990 BA Political Science Cum Laude, Brandeis University, Waltham, MA United States Other training: Post-graduate courses in Log Frame Analysis, International Negotiation Skills, Fiscal Sustainability Analysis, Debt Sustainability Analysis, Environmental Impact Assessment, and Monitoring & Evaluation