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Yannick Christian Beaudoin

Head of Marine Division
Phone: +47 95 42 92 47
Email: Yannick.Beaudoin@grida.no

PhD, Marine/Economic Geology, 2006, University of Toronto: "The behaviour of Pb in modern seafloor hydrothermal systems"
MSc, Marine Geology/GIS, 2001, University of Toronto: "Physiology, geology and geochemistry of the Southern Explorer Ridge seafloor hydrothermal site using an integrated GIS database and 2.5D modeling"
BSc, Geology, 1998, University of Ottawa
Canadian Securities Certificate, 2004: Economic fundementals and basic investment strategies

Marine fieldwork:
November 2002: Lau-Tonga-Louisville campaign; R/V Sonne
July 2002: ABE expedition to the southern Explorer Ridge; R/V Thomas G Thompson
March 2001: HYDROARC campaign, Bransfield Straits,Antarctica; R/V Sonne
March 2000: MANAUTE 2000 campaign, Manus Basin, Papua New Guinea; N/O L'Atalante
July 1999: High Rise '99, Endeavour Segment: R/V Thomas G Thompson
November 1997: Shallow marine hydrothermal study, Ambitle Island, Papua New Guinea 

Work experience: 
Nov 2004-Sept 2006: Falconbridge Ltd, International mineral exploration
Apr 2002- Nov 2004: Associate Geologist, Falconbridge Ltd, Sudbury exploration
Summer months, May 1997-Aug 2000: Geological Survey of Canada; Field Geologist